Logan Rapp

What isn’t seen, what isn’t associated with this book ad nauseam as is my name, is the involvement of Logan Rapp. He has single-handedly enabled its publication and made us look good. It’s all quiet, all behind the scenes, and without a glance at due credit or compensation. He deserves a medal for what he’s done for this book.

And other medals for having to work with me without fair warning for what this project would become.

It’s difficult to describe right but worth mentioning that our fights were epic. We worked so well together from the start that when one of us was stressed or unhappy, the other heard about it. This has added something, or sealed something already there. The Velvet has always been tightly knit, and when I find people I can fight with like brothers and sisters, I feel at home and everything begins to feel a little more unbreakable. These guys often call each other brother. I wouldn’t, because it’s not the same from a woman. But when you’re ducking vases from my direction and looking at me like you want to kill me, that’s what that is.

Logan is an awesome guy. He has some truly fantastic opportunities opening up for him and I’m looking forward to watching what progresses.

BIO: Logan Chance Rapp is an administrator for The Velvet, and a writer in North Hollywood, CA. He graduated from California State University Fresno with a degree in Mass Communications / Journalism. When asked for this bio, he groaned to himself, muttered “fine” in that way where you just know he isn’t “fine,” but wrote the bio anyway, forgetting that the lovely editor who asked him for it is going to read this. You can find his day job writing at Sourcefed.com.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Logan says, “I only allow this sort of attention on me because it might get me dates.”


One response

  1. Richard Thomas

    What, PV said. Thanks, Logan. You’re the man.

    07/03/2011 at 9:27 PM

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