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Booked and Warmed And Bound Together Again!

The gentlemen at Booked are doing something tremendous! They’re doing a massive Warmed And Bound themed giveaway over at Goodreads. That’s the generalities. Here’s the incredible details:

You get:
Warmed And Bound: A Velvet Anthology signed by authors Richard Thomas and Chris Deal; Stranger Will signed by author Caleb J. Ross; When October Falls signed by author Christopher J. Dwyer; Cienfuegos signed by author Chris Deal; AND Shivers VI signed by author Richard Thomas

To Win:
Get yourself an account at Goodreads and then click HERE. You should have an account with Goodreads anyhow.


In the Thunderdome: Chris Deal

The second installment in the Thunderdome-Warmed and Bound Series (explained here).

Truckstop Magic

“He had this magic trick, my granddad. …”  >> Read more

Chris Deal worked in a cigar shop before he married his true love. One Christmas he drew my name in a secret-santa gift exchange and I received a non-descript box of books that smelled like a secret-santa cigar exchange. I wasn’t supposed to know who sent it, which made me smile.

Recently someone in my home rounded a corner and caught me at my bookcase inhaling the inside spine of a book. There was a pause and a grimace. He finally asked what I was doing. I said I didn’t know.

I don’t usually go around smelling things. Nor would I ever try to smell Chris Deal himself, unless invited, but occasionally a connection is made; between my memories of funny times, things like cigar-infused gifts, and my fondness of a certain person, and there’s a feeling that no longer relates to writing or books. I talk about Chris Deal’s writing often. He’s a sort of pure talent who knows nothing but honesty and humility. But when I’m in the privacy of my home, and free to stop talking about books, and smell or taste whatever’s nearby, I like Chris Deal the person even more than the writer. Which, from me, all things considered, is quite a claim.